When stepping inside The Brickhouse Taverns, you will find not only amazing food, an incredible bar and an impressive state of the art kitchen, but also a little bit of local history. To get to know the tavern a little better, here are some facts you should know:

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  • The well-worn wood tables are made from the rafters of the old Moorhead High School which was built back in 1967, making the wood 49-years-old.
  • The pizza oven, which was originally built in Italy and shipped to New York before making its way to Minnesota, weighs in at 2,200 pounds and took over two days to be assembled and another 2 days to be brought up to temperature. This model of oven also holds the world record for the most pizzas cooked within an hour; one man was able to cook 200 pizzas within a 60 minute time frame thanks to the oven.
  • Brickhouse’s kitchen is something spectacular. Our buns are branded with a handmade blacksmiths brand, the pizzas are all hand tossed, and all of the burgers are Angus grade.
  • The bar at Brickhouse is one in a million. Consisting of a 70-foot bar rail, 52 taps with 26 different styles of beer, over 40 different bottled beers to select from, 80 plus liquor selections and a 8 by 22 foot  beer cooler located in the center of it. There is nothing but greatness here.
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